Activecampaign lifetime deal

Email marketing is the best way to stay in touch with your audience. But it’s not easy to do well. It requires a deep understanding of what your customers want, how they behave, and what will keep them engaged. And then you have to find ways to deliver that experience over and over again to an ever-changing group of people who are bombarded by countless messages every day. Here we will discuss how to get Activecampaign lifetime deal?

The stakes are high: if you’re not delivering amazing customer experiences, somebody else will be – and they’ll win your audience for good. That’s why email marketers need the right tools for the job: ActiveCampaign gives you everything from automation workflows that can turn cold leads into hot prospects at scale, to segmentation features that allow you to deliver targeted experiences to your customers, prospects, and audience.

Activecampaign lifetime deal

Activecampaign  features

Here’s how ActiveCampaign helps you do it better:


You can design, test, and deploy workflows that trigger based on time or behaviors to automate processes you previously had to handle manually.

Grow audience

The clear, creative solution for generating more income via email marketing. It’s the perfect tool for anyone who wants to grow their audience with creative messages that match who they are.

Satisfy customers

Activecampaign Email marketing helps you create delightful customer experiences by knowing what each individual wants when they want it. The powerful platform makes it easy to create personalized conversations and chat sequences that keep customers coming back for more. Plus, predictive sending and content personalization help you send the right message at the right time, increasing your chances of conversion. Finally, site messages and web personalization let you target individuals or groups of customers with specific content based on their behavior on your website.

Conversion actions

Activecampaign Email marketing makes it easy to convert your audience members into customers. The powerful CRM and sales automation tools make it easy to identify and score leads, as well as create pipelines and track win probabilities. With split action, you can easily target different groups of people with different calls to action. And attribution makes it easy to see which campaigns are driving the most conversions.


Activecampaign Email marketing gives you the tools to turn your data into actionable insights. By tracking, reporting, and analyzing all campaign interactions, ActiveCampaign makes it simple for marketers of every level to measure what’s working and keep improving their workflows over time.

Mobile App

It’s the smartest way to stay in touch with your audience anywhere. Active Campaign makes it easy to design, send, and track your email marketing from your iPad or iPhone.

Chat and text support

Activecampaign Email marketing lets you deliver the right information, at the right time. Use your website, newsletters, and emails to help customers contact you by phone or text if they need immediate support.

Activecampaign Automation

Benefits of Activecampaign

The benefits of Activecampaign are listed below:

Prebuilt templates

With over 500 prebuilt templates to choose from, you can easily get your emails off the ground within minutes.

Email marketing themes

Catchy email templates are 100% responsive and will make an immediate impact on your customers. They’re also completely customizable, so you can change colors, text sizes-even swap layouts-in moments.

Integrates with Marketplaces

The customers of activecampaign get integrated with Facebook, Shopify, Square, and other 800 marketplaces.

Utility and ease-of-use

ActiveCampaign eliminates the issues of waste, clutter, and duplication by making it easy to manage one central email address, so you can ensure your messages are sent only to customers who want to receive them.

1 on 1 personal experience

Personalization is the future of email marketing. We’ve made it easy for you to create content that speaks directly to your customers based on their comments, actions, and behaviors. It’s personalized the way they want it, when they want it.

Responsive design

The emails in your ActiveCampaign account will look great on any screen size or device, so your messages are always professional-looking.

Gmail extension

Take a look at your email activity across all accounts, including Gmail, using the ActiveCampaign Gmail extension. Easily take action on contacts right from your inbox or favorite mail client.

Custom user data

Make smarter decisions with custom user data collected from any source – whether it’s through your website, app, store, or elsewhere. Their powerful, yet simple software makes it easy to find and combine the data you need, as well as use it as a way to segment your audience for better email marketing.

Free trial

It comes with a free trial which you can easily use to test its features and see if it’s worth paying for.

Activecampaign Pricing

ActiveCampaign has a plan for every size of business. Lite plan is perfect for businesses with 1,000 contacts or less and starts at only $21.75 per month.

Plus plan offers more features for businesses with up to 1000 contacts and starts at only $36.75 per month.

A professional plan is great for larger businesses with up to 1000 contacts and starts at $112.13 per month.

Enterprise plan is best for huge companies and starts at only $194 per month.

Prices vary depending on the number of contacts you have, so get started today!

Activecampaign lifetime deal

Activecampaign currently has no lifetime deal, however, you can get 50% discount when you sign up during this black Friday or Cyber Monday period. It is currently offering  25% off on 3 months packages.

You can also try it free for 14 days to see if it is useful for you.

Final words

Well, Activecampaign lifetime deal is not there but it is a pretty solid email marketing service that we highly recommend for eCommerce,b2b, and b2c companies. You can also try their free trial to see if it’s worth the money! If you’re just starting with your email marketing efforts and looking for a great service to try out, then ActiveCampaign is a great choice.

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