Funneldash lifetime deal

FunnelDash is a set of panels that allow you to automate your lead generation from scratch with just a few clicks. You can import email lists, upload CSV files, scrape websites, or use their built-in list builder – it doesn’t matter how you start because the FunnelDash lifetime deal does all the work for you!

Once your audience has been compiled through one of these methods, FunnelDash’s powerful Ad Copy & Creative Generator will automatically create ads customized to match what they’re interested in. It takes seconds! And if that weren’t enough, FunnelDash also offers a suite of powerful tools to help you track and improve your campaigns.

Funneldash lifetime deal

Features of Funneldash Lifetime

If you are looking for a comprehensive and efficient tool to manage your leads and turn them into clients, Funneldash is the solution for you. It offers a wide range of features that will help you keep your clients longer and make the most out of your paid traffic sources.

Create sales funnel:

You can use FunnelDash to create a sales funnel for your business. This will help you track the progress of your sales funnel and see where you are losing or gaining customers.

Track advertising data:

Funnel extracts all advertising data from all online marketing platforms, structures it, and maps it to compare ROI across channels. This will help you improve your marketing strategies so you can track everything from ad spend to return on investment.

Automate advertising:

FunnelDash has built-in automation that will help you plan, structure, publish, and promote your online ad campaigns efficiently without having to worry about the details.

Create dynamic panels:

You can create interactive panels with multiple levels of hierarchical data that can be exported through a single click to Google Sheets for easy presentation and analysis. This will help you present your sales funnel in an interactive way so all of the important details are displayed without having to scroll or search.

Create dynamic reports:

FunnelDash provides easy-to-split page-level metrics with everything from clicks, impressions, and conversions to revenue, orders, and average order value. You will get everything from basic reports to advanced funnel reporting with multi-level page-level reporting that includes complete bounce rates along with video playback data.

Unlimited options:

FunnelDash has a number of features that are unlimited, including virtual debit and credit cards, ad copy & creative, free ad audits and benchmark reports with Ad-Advisor, and cashback on your ad spend.

Funneldash deal

Why should you get Funneldash?

Funneldash is an autoresponder that allows you to move your leads through the funnel process without any manual work. Simply put this tool helps you generate more revenue. These are the reason below you should get Funneldash.

Convert easily:

FunnelDash makes it easy to convert leads into clients. With drag-and-drop functionality, customizable boards, and automatic currency conversion, you can manage your entire client base with ease.

Keep clients longer:

FunnelDash helps you keep clients longer by providing detailed reports on customer behavior and spending habits. You can also use this data to improve your marketing strategy and keep clients satisfied.

Drag-and-drop client dashboard:

The drag-and-drop client dashboard makes it easy to track the progress of your clients and see what you need to do in order to keep them happy and coming back for more.

Automatic currency conversion:

FunnelDash automatically converts all costs into your home currency, making it easy to track your expenses and keep tabs on your budget.

Free ad audits and benchmark reports:

With Ad-Advisor, you can get free ad audits and benchmark reports. That will help you improve your campaigns and see how you stack up against the competition.

Earn cashback on your ad spend:

You can earn up to 7.5% cashback on your ad spend when you use FunnelDash in conjunction with Ad-Capital.

Group ad accounts:

You can group accounts within FunnelDash into groups that are easy to manage.

Customizable boards:

FunnelDash lets you create customizable boards so you can track all the information you need in one place.

Free virtual debit and credit cards:

Need a card for your new client or ad? No problem! Funneldash provides free virtual debit and credit cards for all your needs.

Subscription plans:

Funneldash has 3 different plans.

Basic Plan:

This plan includes:

  1. One user account
  2. 5 Facebook page and ad account
  3. 5,000 contacts
  4. Email funnels
  5. Audit ads
  6. Weekly coaching call
  7. Quickstart course for agency development

Cost: $83/month

Professional Plan:

This plan includes:

  1. One user account
  2. 10 Facebook page and ad accounts
  3. 10,000 contacts
  4. Email funnels
  5. Audit ads
  6. 2 Weekly chaperone calls
  7. Quickstart course for agency development
  8. 10 advertising control panels

Cost: $249/month

Agency plan:

This plan includes:

  1. One user account
  2. 20 Facebook page and ad accounts
  3. 20000 contacts
  4. 20 Email funnels
  5. 20 Audit ads
  6. 3 Weekly calls
  7. Quickstart course for agency development
  8. Unlimited ad accounts for you, agency, and brain certification.

Cost: $833/month

Funneldash lifetime deal

It’s not often that you come across a lifetime deal, but that’s exactly what Funneldash is offering. For just $49, you get access to 5 Messenger funnels, 5,000 Messenger contacts, 5 Facebook pages, and ad accounts, and 5 Facebook ad audit dashboards. Plus, you also get one weekly Facebook ad coaching call and Agency Growth quick start course.

With Messenger ads, you can reach your business’s ideal audience with messages displayed right on the messages screen of their mobile application. You also have access to detailed insights based on user-behavior data provided by Facebook. And thanks to Funneldash! You’ll get access to 5 ready-made Messenger funnels that you can use to get started right away.

Final words

FunnelDas is for entrepreneurs and marketing directors who are looking to quickly convert leads into clients. Funneldash makes it easy to manage the client relationship from start to finish. Including converting ads in a drag-and-drop dashboard that’s customizable according to your needs.

The lifetime deal is a great way to get started with FunnelDash and take your business to the next level. So don’t wait any longer: take advantage of this amazing offer today!

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