PassCamp Lifetime Deal

PassCamp Lifetime Deal is a Password Manager to Store, Secure & Share Passwords/Logins Across Your Team with Zero-Knowledge Encryption.

PassCamp Lifetime Deal – Password Manager

Most additional password managers were built with the concentrate on specific customers and also just had groups capability added on top of that.

With PassCamp, it’s different. From the 1st day, the focus was very easy and reliable password management in groups.

PassCamp password manager features zero-knowledge proof, end-to-end encryption, and other safety and security innovations that allow you to maintain and share sensitive info securely.

With password storage, login autofill, password generator, safe password sharing, history log, admin console, user roles, unlimited guests, and extra functions, PassCamp is a game-changing cloud-based password manager for groups and enterprises.

Highlights (TL; DR):

  • Generate powerful new passwords, stores them in a single highly-protected, encrypted & hacker-proof place.
  • Shared passwords w/ personalized approvals & access.
  • Browse & filter your passwords based on who shared them with you, their title, or day included.
  • Enable two-factor authentication for an extra layer of security.
  • Add guests (such as an example professionals, customers, freelancers) to your group & share passwords outside your group in a secure way.
  • Automatically input your usernames & passwords into website login areas.
  • Updates from the passwords you have distributed to others– edits, shares, dates of adjustment, in addition to the newest & old variations of the passwords, and notes.
  • Simply include brand-new partners, manage their access, and reset passwords– all with only a few clicks.
  • Setup a unique login address (URL) for your team, which suggests that your staff member will be able to access their team passwords in just a few clicks.


passcamp lifetime deal feature
PassCamp Lifetime Deal

Features consist of zero-knowledge evidence, end-to-end security, and other security modern technologies, PassCamp password manager helps you to keep and share private information safely.

Password storage

A password manager is a web application created for your best internet safety and security. It develops solid brand-new passwords, stores them in one extremely secured, secured, and hacker-proof location. This option enables you to lastly ignore your passwords– PassCamp will bear in mind and type them automatically for you.

Login Autofill

Autofill is a function that automatically inputs your usernames and passwords into website login areas. To highlight, every time you have to visit your social media account, your login information is filled in automatically– you are not required to enter credentials on your own.

Password generator

It’s time to forget “123456” and “qwertyui” and also various other weak passwords– a password generator is a tool that might make your life extra relaxed and also safer. It’s a quality that is a must-have for a reliable password manager.

Secure password sharing

passcamp lifetime deal password sharing
passCamp lifetime deal password sharing

Every one of the passwords that you save in your account are secured with a public key (converted into a code so that just the pet owner and nobody else can easily see it) and decrypted with a special user key.

That’s why you and the individual you intend to share a password with will need to have PassCamp accounts (to develop accessibility authorized and sensitive information noticeable just to its owner).

History log

Take control of your delicate data and always be current with the most current modifications. With the PassCamp history log function, you can see every one of the changes you or your contacts made to your passwords or notes.

Each item in your PassCamp account has a history log, tracking every modification or share of the thing.

Extension integration

Download our extension to your preferred browser for smooth integration with PassCamp. Develop, edit, as well as access your protected passwords and notes straight from the PassCamp extension.

Safety and Security Notifications

Know every event that happens in your PassCamp account. Get notifications for password updates, contact welcomes, and also shared/unshared items.

Search and filters

Frustrating amount of passwords? Relax. You can search as well as filter your passwords predicated on that shared with you, their title, or date added.

Passwords types

passcamp lifetime deal password dashboard
passCamp lifetime deal password dashboard

Different types of passwords? Different kinds to assign. Store your passwords predicated on if they are for your sites, apps, WI-FI, The autosave attribute in the PassCamp browser extension helps you to collect all of your logins and passwords as you go.

You can assign a Tag to virtually everything in your PassCamp account to assist you in organizing, searching for, as well as making use of the passwords you have previously stored on the system.

Admin console

Easily add new staff members, manage their gain access to, as well as reset passwords– all with a couple of clicks!

Two-factor authentication

Enable two-factor authentication for an added layer of security for your PassCamp account.

Unlimited Guests

Add an unlimited number of guests (such as professionals, clients, freelancers) to your team as well as share passwords outside your team in a safe way. Enable full safety both within as well as around your business.

User Roles

Configuration of your group by assigning duties: participant, admin, owner. Administrators will certainly be able to deal with user administration, while team proprietors should have the ability to handle the bill.

Personalized Login Address

Setup a unique login address (URL) for your group. Which means that your employee will be able to access their group passwords in only a few clicks.

Password Import/Export

Changing from another password manager or want to safeguard all of your web browser passwords? Import them to your PassCamp account with just a few steps.

Access PassCamp from anywhere

Access PassCamp anywhere you are! Conserve, take care of, and share your passwords safely together with your favored web browsers.

Full encryption

PassCamp password manager features AES256 and RSA cryptography devices to ensure the protection of your information.

Zero-knowledge file encryption means that none of your information is saved at PassCamp. You are the just one who can unlock and also access the data using your Master Password.

PassCamp Deal Features/Benefits

  • End-to-End Encryption
  • Safeguard Cloud
  • Browser Extension
  • Password auto-fill
  • Secure password generator
  • Integrated item history log
  • In-app alerts
  • Protected notes
  • Two-factor verification
  • Search and filters
  • Multi-tier sharing
  • Password Import
  • Password Export
  • Unlimited Password Storage
  • Priority Support
  • Admin Console
  • Easy user management
  • Easy user recovery
  • Personalized Login address
  • User Roles
  • Unlimited Guests
  • Tags

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